Learn2Paddle offers instruction in kayak paddling from beginner to advanced level.  Although our main thrust is competitive surfski paddling, we can also give instruction in K1 and recreational kayaks.  Students should be healthy and physically fit, be able to swim and at least 1.52m or 5ft tall.  Our courses are based on groups of from 2 to 4 students and structured as follows:

This consists of two 1 hour sessions.  During these sessions, you will learn about the characteristics of your kayak and paddle.  You will be taught how to carry, mount from the beach and from deep water and dismount.  You will also be given tips on balance and will be introduced to the basic paddle stroke.

In order to be accepted to the Beginner group, you must have completed the introduction course and passed a swim test, consisting of a 200m pool swim in under 5 minutes.
The course consists of four 1 hour sessions.  During these sessions, you will be introduced to the "forward stroke" paddling concept and helped to develop an efficient paddling style.  You will also be exposed to slightly rougher water and taught how to paddle safely in ocean conditions.  Part of the course will include theoretical work.

The Intermediate course consists of four one hour sessions and one 1.5 hour session.  Intermediate paddlers will hone their paddling and balance technique.  They will be introduced to the concept of surfing and riding waves in open water.  Theoretical aspects of paddling such as safety, route planning and training programs will be covered.

The Advanced course consists of two 1 hour sessions and two 2 hour sessions.  The course will concentrate on the finer aspects of stroke technique, surfing and linking runs, training programs and race preparation.  Apart from some theoretical and practical coaching sessions, the course will include two supervised downwind paddles of around 15km.