Yannick Laousse takes the Karukera Challenge, Franck Fifils wins the Tour.

Yannick Laousse of France took the final leg of the Caribbean Surfski Tour 2011 with Walter Bouzan of Spain and Stephane Roudault of France in 2nd and 3rd place.  Conditions for the race were perfect, with the first few km fairly challenging but the middle 20km providing easy runs in a 1.5m sea.

Full tour report to follow shortly.

First leg has been decided

Franck Fifils of Guadeloupe won the Soualiga Challenge today for the third time in its 7 year history.  Stand by for a full report shortly, results and photos are up on their respective pages.

First the bad news ... The Antigua Downwind Classic has been canceled due to the fact that we didn't get enough entries.  This is really sad and we will have to do more to promote this race next year.  As a result, there will be no discard in the series and to be eligible for the overall prize, you need to complete both the Soualiga Challenge and the Karukera Challenge.

Now the good news ... Prize money has been set as follows:

Soualiga Challenge....

Male open - USD 500 -  USD 250 - USD 150

Female open -  USD 250

Under 23 - USD 250

Karukera Challenge....

Male open - 2000 Euros - 800 Euros - 600 Euros - 400 Euros - 200 Euros - 100 Euros

Female open - 600 Euros - 400 Euros - 200 Euros

double open - 800 Euros - 400 Euros - 200 Euros

Under 23 - 500 Euros - 400 Euros - 200 Euros

SUP - 300 Euros - 200 Euros - 100 Euros

All of these prizes are on condition that there are at least 3 entries in each category.

In addition, there will be an overall prize of 3000 Euros for the winner of the 2011 Caribbean Surfski Tour